Thursday, June 10, 2010

San Mateo County Fair

Wow!  The fair opens Saturday, June 12, and runs thru Sunday, June 20.  It sure came upon us fast.  Seems like yesterday we were first discussing the possibility of working the fair.
Cay has spent the last 2 days helping at the fair in doing the display for the knit and crochet items. She has a brand new perspective of the volunteers who do this year after year!  It is a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun. She met several new folks who were so helpful in getting the supplies she wanted to set the displays up.  Cay made a couple of suggestions to Julie, the coordinator for the Home Arts Dept, for next years displays.  She hopes all the knitters and crocheters are pleased with the way their treasures are displayed this year.
Cay and Peter have been busy getting everything ready to take to the fair.  Cay picked up some brochures from Alice on Tuesday for Project Linus, and the Warm Up America brochures arrived in today's mail.  Those who are working all know when they are supposed to be there and if they haven't received them yet, their entry tickets are in the mail.
It should be a busy and fun 5 days.  We are sharing info on our chapter, CGOA, Project Linus and Warm up America. In addition, we will have some flyers on the Oakland Fiber and Textile Festival.  We will be doing demos, some make and take items, and daily raffles for kits including patterns and yarns for original designs by Peter and Cay.
Come see us at the San Mateo County Fair this next week.  We will be in the booth on Sat, Sun, Tues, Sat, and Sun.

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