Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August meeting

was called to order at 12:00 with Peter, Cay, Andy, Jennifer, Kris, Penny and Tom in attendance.

Jennifer is a new member who came across the bay to join us.  We met her initially at the San Mateo County Fair.  Welcome, Jennifer!

Old Business
a)  Treasurer's Report
b) Dues
     1)  due now for current members
     2)  future members from date of joining
     3)  $20/year or $5/meeting
 c) Field trip to Brook Farm Alpacas
     1) October 16, time of arrival to be announced
     2) we will car pool, but it is up to each member to make their own arrangements
 d) Convalescent hospital for Holiday Soiree
      1) It was decided that we would not do this at this time.

 New Business
 a)  Stitches West
      1) Warm Up America
  • need many more totes and brochures
      2)  MWCC promotion
  • maybe compile a brochure on the chapter, in addition to bookmarks, calendars

     3) Display
  • need to obtain a literature rack

 b) Relocation of monthly meetings
      1) PYA needs the classroom during our Saturday meeting time
  •  time available either in evenings during the week or Sunday, 4 to 7 p.m.
  •  voted to try the Sunday 4 to 7 time slot.
     2)  Penny will contact the Hayward Public Library to see if they have a meeting room.
  •   2 short blocks from Hayward Bart station
  •  just over the San Mateo bridge 
September 18- Quarterly Soiree at PYA followed by Mexican food

 October 16- Field trip to Brook Farm Alpacas

 November 20 - meeting at PYA  **new hours** Sunday 4 to 7p.m.

 December 18 - Holiday Soiree - location to be announced.

Cay demoed double crochet variations
       Herringbone double crochet (hbdc)    linked double crochet (ldc) and extended double crochet (edc)

 Show N Tell
  •  Peter is still working on the twin set, but has also started the design for the Aran cardigan
  •  Cay modeled the Swellegant Elegance and is working on scarves/shawls for the holidays.
  •  Andy brought in a couple of new hats and some yarn that he has spun and dyed.
  •  Jennifer showed us several size totes/bags that she crocheted with plarn. She was also sporting a very unique shrug/vest.
  •  Kris is working on another afghan for Project Linus
  •  Penny was working on squares for her next ghan which will be assembled on the diagonal, giving a diamond look to it.
  •  Tom completed his Aztec Star afghan for Project Linus and also shared a "Divine Hat" that he crocheted.