Monday, June 28, 2010

Final Days of the Fair

On Saturday, after setting up our booth, we launched right into our monthly meeting.  In attendance were Anita, Kris, Cay and Peter.  We discussed the things we had learned at this our first outing into the big world as a chapter.  We also discussed the possibility of making another field trip in September. It was a short meeting, due to our location.  Kris took off to do more fair looking around and Anita, Cay and Peter stayed in the booth. As on the other days, we had several folks stop by and talk to us.  Several signed up for our drawing .  The winner of the Pinwheels Scarf Kit is:  Jennifer
Penny, Mattie, Cay and Peter were back on Sunday for the final day of this year's San Mateo County fair.  We need to read the fair schedule!  It was Mexican Heritage Day, and the music and events were geared toward celebrating Mexican heritage. Probably the most people attended the fair on Sunday of the whole week.  Our winner on Sunday of the Post Stitch Hooded Scarf Kit is  Brad
At the end of the day, a tired but happy little group packed up all our displays, literature and trash, put in back in Cay's car and headed home.  The pictures taken over the last 2 days have been added to the album in the first post about the fair.
We will be discussing things we learned over the next few meetings, so we really represent our chapter and CGOA in a fantastic light at our next outing.

Oakland Fiber Festival

Peter and Cay arrived at the festival site about 8:30 with tables and displays in tow.  This time we had to provide all our own tables and chairs.  We used an 8' folding table and 2 card tables, about 5 folding chairs and 2 directors chairs.  We did have a canopy provided for us, so the first order of biz was to hang our new banner.
Stitch Diva Studios provided a really nice handout of a hobo bag, and ChiaoGoo gave us bamboo crochet hooks in size H (5.0mm).  We had some nice cotton yarn for our make 'n take tables.
Since this was strictly a fiber festival, we had a lot of traffic thru the booth.  It probably helped that you could see our banner from the Welcome Booth.  Peter caught up with a couple of Rav friends, Ivy and Cookie stopped by the booth.
Kris joined us after church in the afternoon and helped a young girl finger chain while her mom tried to remember how much she knew about crochet.
Cay spent some time with Gracie in the Lace Knitters booth talking about tatting.  No, Cay doesn't know how to tat, but she wants to learn.  They are planning to get together in a couple of weeks.
We had another drawing. This time it was for the Comfy Cables Cap and Scarf and the winner is Angie Lo.
Along with Men Who Crochet, the fiber fest was host to yarn stores, fabric stores, machine knitters, lace knitters, weavers and spinners, alpaca farms, the local quilt guild.  There was so much going on, that I probably forgot to mention someone. And a huge thank you to Bente of Piedmont Yarn.  Without her vision and hard work, this festival would never have happened. Enjoy our pics of the Fiber Fest and make plans to join us next year!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We're doing the Fair!

Our first 3 days at the fair have been a barrel of fun. We have met some great people, shared our love of crochet with quite a few folks and even had time to check out some the things around us at the fair.

Saturday was a little hectic when we first arrived because we had 2 tables and had to set them up the way we wanted them. Anita was on hand to help with the set up and the booth for Saturday. Kris arrived later in the afternoon to relieve Anita. But she attended the pig races before she came to the booth. The heat index was the hottest day so far this year, but everyone' s spirits were up.  Opening day is always a little crazy.

The winner of our Saturday drawing for the Cluster Hooded Scarf kit is Jennifer.

On Sunday, Penny and her sister, Kitty helped Cay and Peter man the booth. We had more interested folks stop by and work on make 'n take. We gave away brochures on our chapter, Project Linus, and Warm Up America.
Brad who knows Peter from Ravelry stopped by to say Hi and sat down and crocheted a coaster from our make 'n take table. He caught that Cay had not done the final round on the sample coaster. Shame on Cay!   We are hoping that he will cross the water and come to one of our meetings.

Sunday, Yvette won the kit for the Autumn Breeze Pidge.

Tuesday was Seniors Day at the fair, and fortunately the heat level dropped to reasonable.  Andy, Penny and Miss Mattie helped Cay talk to the folks who stopped by our booth. .Later in the day, Tom arrived to assist. We had quite a lot of interest in what we were doing. So many people told us they did crochet, or used to crochet. One lady told us that she has been crocheting for over 70 years! Since most were older, they were hesitant to come across the bay for our meetings, so we directed them to the CGOA chapter that meets in Redwood City. Hopefully, some of them will choose to participate there.
Tuesday's winner was Brenda and she received the Ridge Runner Fingerless Gloves kit.
We have 2 more drawings for kits on Saturday and Sunday.  All you have to do is sign up for our blog.  Please come by and say Hey. Enjoy the photos we've taken and stop again for updates on the fair and new photos.

Edited by Crafty Andy

Thursday, June 10, 2010

San Mateo County Fair

Wow!  The fair opens Saturday, June 12, and runs thru Sunday, June 20.  It sure came upon us fast.  Seems like yesterday we were first discussing the possibility of working the fair.
Cay has spent the last 2 days helping at the fair in doing the display for the knit and crochet items. She has a brand new perspective of the volunteers who do this year after year!  It is a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun. She met several new folks who were so helpful in getting the supplies she wanted to set the displays up.  Cay made a couple of suggestions to Julie, the coordinator for the Home Arts Dept, for next years displays.  She hopes all the knitters and crocheters are pleased with the way their treasures are displayed this year.
Cay and Peter have been busy getting everything ready to take to the fair.  Cay picked up some brochures from Alice on Tuesday for Project Linus, and the Warm Up America brochures arrived in today's mail.  Those who are working all know when they are supposed to be there and if they haven't received them yet, their entry tickets are in the mail.
It should be a busy and fun 5 days.  We are sharing info on our chapter, CGOA, Project Linus and Warm up America. In addition, we will have some flyers on the Oakland Fiber and Textile Festival.  We will be doing demos, some make and take items, and daily raffles for kits including patterns and yarns for original designs by Peter and Cay.
Come see us at the San Mateo County Fair this next week.  We will be in the booth on Sat, Sun, Tues, Sat, and Sun.