Friday, March 25, 2011

Meeting of March 19, 2011

12:20 Call to order

In attendance: Peter, Mattie, Audrey, Mei Ling, Catherine (Mei Ling's mom), Tom, and Jennifer.

Thanks to everybody who helped the group out with Stitches West. Should we receive payment from Warm Up America it will be put toward upcoming events.

The Fiber Arts Festival in Oakland will be July 10, 2011, 10 a.m to 6 p.m. in Splashpad Park. The group can borrow Jennifer's tent for display. MWC will need to decide whether to participate in the event this year. We should assign 2-hour shifts so attendees can enjoy the festival. Decision will be made at April meeting.

We are committed to the San Mateo County Fair. This year we will commit to 2 weekends: June 11 &12, and June 18 & 19. Fair hours are 11 am to 10 pm, we could staff a booth 11-6 or so. Our award is listed on Page 22 under Special Awards: "Best Crocheted Item, Award offered: Rosette, $50, Sponsored by Men Who Crochet." The group encourages everyone to enter items this year. You can enter online at: or go to . You are limited to 2 entries per class, items to have been made in the past year. Here are the classes:


1. Children’s Apparel
2. Adult Apparel
3. Scarf, Shawl, Wrap
4. Accessories – bag, hat, socks, gloves, etc.


Large afghans must measure more than 48" in any one direction. Small afghans must measure less than 48” in length
and width.

1. Tablecloth or doily
2. Crocheted edging on ready made article
3. Toy/doll/doll accessory
4. Afghan – Large, more than 48”
5. Afghan – Small, less than 48”
6. Any other - specify
Each entry costs $2 but you get 2 tickets and one parking pass for the fair.

Thank you Audrey for volunteering to assemble some 7x9 blocks from Warm Up America.

If you have Warm Up America donations, bring them to the meeting. While Piedmont Yarn and Apparel remains a drop-off location, the blankets cannot be stored there and must go home with Peter.

Thank you members for taking bookmarks that promote the club, to pass along for Crochet Month (March).

Don't forget the special Crochet Night at Piedmont Yarn and Apparel, 3:00 - 7:00 pm, the last Tuesday of the month (March 29) to celebrate National Crochet Month. There will be a discount on crochet hooks and supplies and a drawing. The regular Crochet Circle continues on the 1st Tuesday of each month, 3-7 pm.

The 6th annual Maker Faire is at San Mateo Fairgrounds on July 21 and 22. There is a large Craft / yarn participation. Jennifer will be doing a demo on Sunday, creating yarn from T-shirts. More info at .

Show & tell participation:
Tom - next month will begin crocheting his Aztec Sun afghan after a hiatus to let his hand heal. He discussed the egg-shaped crochet hook, Vogue Knitting Live (LA), and Stitches.
Audrey - working a beautiful border on her grandchild's baby blanket
Peter - Trivia: The back of his head appears in the movie Patch Adams. He showed his top-down sweater, WIP. He has a pattern coming out in May Crochet!, his 4th design with comes out soon, design job at Cascade and maybe another company. His company, HookerBear, will be transforming into Chain Male Design.
Jennifer- CAL socks with Poem Sock Yarn (Interweave pattern), wore her Malabrigo Big Bow Cardigan that she made after Stitches, discussed approaches to teaching crochet and business ideas.

Ideas for topics at upcoming meeting:
Everybody chooses a different crochet magazine, reviews and critiques it with tips etc.
Discussion around which hooks are compatible with which yarn, hooks that everybody prefers.

We had 4 very happy Gift Exchange participants.
The potluck was delightful, with Peter's Corned Beef & Cabbage, Jennifer's White Chili, Mei Ling's Smoked Salmon appetizer, Tom's brownie squares, and Audrey's carrot cake. Thank you Mattie for the cleanup!

Don't forget to vote for Peter as Best Crochet Designer in the Menswear Category:

Next meeting Saturday April 16, noon.