Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meeting on 4/17/10

My apologies for my tardiness in posting the minutes for our last meeting. I've been tripping over my life again.
Those in attendance were Mattie, Penny, Kris, Cay, Peter and Linda.
Everyone turned in their squares for the afghan for Steve. We need a few more so Penny, Cay, and Kris agreed to make 2 more each. Peter is doing the assembly, probably with Aran colored yarn.
The main discussion was the San Mateo County Fair. We decided we will man the booth/table on both weekends and Seniors Day for a total of 5 days during the fair this year. We are going to have 2 demos a day at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Kris will demo the diagonal, Cay will do the ripple and Peter will show how to do a cable and foundation stitches. We also will have a few make and go items. Kris will put together stuff for scrunchies, we will do glass/cup cozies, and coasters. Cay will provide free baby hat patterns/maybe kits. Cay will contact Alice to see if we can get some Project Linus brochures, and will call Mary Colucci for brochures for Warm Up America. Peter will see if he can get CGOA brochures. We will also have our bookmarks, calendars and postcards for the guild chapter. Peter will order a banner to place in our booth and Cay will acquire a folding clothes rack for display.Check the calendar for all the important dates for both San Mateo and Alameda county fairs. We will hold our June meeting at the Fair. and since this is Soiree month, we will find fair food for lunch.
We also discussed the Oakland Fiber Fest which will be the weekend following the SM fair. It is only about 6 hours, so should be a piece of cake after the fair. We will pick our most successful take & go and demos from the fair to do at the OFF. We will use PL brochures, WUA and CGOA brochures along with our guild materials.
Because we are becoming more involved in the community, the dues for next year will $20 and are due no later than the July meeting. If you can not pay the whole amount at one time, talk to Peter about making special arrangements.

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