Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stitch 'n Pitch, SFGiants, 2010

Those who know me well (and some not as well) can tell you that I am a baseball fan, in the fanatic sense of the word. So when I have to opportunity to combine my baseball fanaticism with my passion for crochet, I always leap at the chance. I was fortunate this year to treat my dear friend Cay to this unique experience.
The San Francisco Giants version of the Stitch 'n Pitch baseball game took place on Monday, July 26 at AT&T Park. Also in attendance were Anita and Ed and Kris from the chapter. Though we did not sit together, we did touch base (pun intended) either before or during the game. With beverage of choice in hand (or course I had a devilishly delightful very dark ale) and fab sandwiches from Berkeley Bowl, we enjoyed the activities of the evening. We instantly befriended our right-hand neighbors, four sisters, who knitted. Indeed, the photo of Lou Seal (only in San Francisco -- a male mascot named Lou Seal (Lucille)) was forwarded to me by Kate, one the sisters, who drove in from Modesto.
It was a wonderful evening, diminished only slightly by the Giant's loss. Still, it was great to be among fiber artists who share my love of America's pastime.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July Meeting

came to order on Saturday, July 17.  We met at Piedmont Yarn & Apparel.  In attendance were Anita, Ed, Cay, Penny and Peter.  As we had no visitors or new members, we headed straight to Old Business:
   a) San Mateo County Fair
        We discussed the things we learned and the things we want to improve for next year.
  • We will sponsor a $50 Best of Show Award for Crochet next year.
  • We will be located nearer the crochet entries and away from the door.
  • We discussed doing a raffle for a crocheted item similar to what the quilt guilds do.  If you have any ideas on what this item could be, please share.
  • We want to acquire a literature display stand and a larger poster for our booth.  16" x 20" poster is approx $10.
  • We would like to display items using different techniques-entralac, tunisian, hairpin, felting, wire, tapestry, etc.  If you like one of these categories and would like to do an item for display next summer, please let Cay or Peter know.
  • Seniors Day was fun but not productive.  Many seniors are not online and will not cross the bridge.  We referred several to the chapter that meets in Redwood City.
  • Last day of fair is Mexican Heritage Day-we need to schedule a Spanish speaking member to staff the booth that day.
  • Dates for the fair next year are 6/11-6/19/2011.
   b)  Oakland Fiber Fest
  • location was excellent after a brief turf war with the Lace Knitters.  We had both been assigned the same spot.  They graciously moved to another location as they had their own canopy and we did not.   Even though it was very hot, we had a nice breeze and our banner could be seen from the welcome booth.
  • Did not have many stop for the make and take table as they were in the sun.  Need to rearrange the tables in the canopy or provide another umbrella for the tables next year.
  • Lots of traffic and interest.
   c)  Dues
  • $20 annually or $5 per meeting, members choice.  Please advise Peter which method you prefer.
  • Due in July for current members
  • Date of joining for future members.
We moved right on to New Business.
  • Treasurers report will done each month.

  • August - 8/21- will be a regular meeting held at PYA, from noon to 3 p.m. Cay will be teaching linked and herringbone double crochets.
  • September -9/18- we will hold our quarterly Crochet Soiree.  Lunch will be Mexican in one of the local restaurants.
  • October- 10/16- field trip to Brook Farm Alpacas in Glen Ellen-Each person bring a sack lunch and we will hold biz meeting while eating in the meadow. We are inviting MWC Ravelry members to join us.  If you have a crocheter you would like to bring, let Peter know. We need to limit our group size to approx 20.
  • November- 11/20-  will be a regular meeting at PYA.
  • December- 12/18- we discussed the possibility of taking the Holiday Soiree on the road, maybe a nursing home or convalescent hospital, shifting our focus from kids to seniors or disabled.  Instead of a gift exchange, making shawls or lapghans for wherever we choose to go.  If you know of a place in your neighborhood, please check with them to see if this would be welcome and find out how many we would have to serve.  Please bring this info to the August meeting so we can prepare.
  • Discussed setting up a booth at the Alameda County Fair next year-the fair runs approx 3 weeks and starts within a couple of days of the closing of San Mateo. More research needed.  Would need commitments from more members to be able to accomplish this.
Show and Tell
  • Anita is working on another large granny square blanket made of the Simply Soft Brites.  She must have bought a truckload of this yarn.  
  • Cay is working on the Swellegant Elegance in Saucon Sock Yarn, color Loganberry.
  • Penny is assembling a granny square afghan for Project Linus using various size squares.
  • Peter is making progress with the twin set he is designing.  The shell is done and he is working on 2nd half of the front of the short sleeve cardigan.
  • Anita and Mattie brought ghans for Project Linus.
We ended the meeting with a little crochet and chatting, and all went home about 2:30.