Monday, June 28, 2010

Final Days of the Fair

On Saturday, after setting up our booth, we launched right into our monthly meeting.  In attendance were Anita, Kris, Cay and Peter.  We discussed the things we had learned at this our first outing into the big world as a chapter.  We also discussed the possibility of making another field trip in September. It was a short meeting, due to our location.  Kris took off to do more fair looking around and Anita, Cay and Peter stayed in the booth. As on the other days, we had several folks stop by and talk to us.  Several signed up for our drawing .  The winner of the Pinwheels Scarf Kit is:  Jennifer
Penny, Mattie, Cay and Peter were back on Sunday for the final day of this year's San Mateo County fair.  We need to read the fair schedule!  It was Mexican Heritage Day, and the music and events were geared toward celebrating Mexican heritage. Probably the most people attended the fair on Sunday of the whole week.  Our winner on Sunday of the Post Stitch Hooded Scarf Kit is  Brad
At the end of the day, a tired but happy little group packed up all our displays, literature and trash, put in back in Cay's car and headed home.  The pictures taken over the last 2 days have been added to the album in the first post about the fair.
We will be discussing things we learned over the next few meetings, so we really represent our chapter and CGOA in a fantastic light at our next outing.

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