Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crochet Soiree`

This group is the home of the original Crochet Soiree`.  Peter started this in his home and it evolved into this chapter of CGOA.
That said, we have our soiree` quarterly and this was the first one in our new meeting place, Piedmont Yarn and Apparel.
We discussed Stitches a little and what we learned from that experience.  Several members turned in their squares for Steve's afghan.
We had a special guest, Julie Curry, who is the head of the Creative Home Arts dept at the San Mateo County Fair. She told us what options we had for a table or booth to promote crochet during the fair. We can be there as much or as little as we wish.  She encouraged all of us to participate in some way, entering competition, volunteering to display entered items, etc.  She also explained why sometimes we find our entries inside out and upside down.  Crocheters are not volunteering to help with the displays.  Quilters don't know.
We also discussed participation in Oakland's first Fiber and Textile Festival in June.
This month, afghans led the way in show and tell. Anita, Linda, Mattie, Cay, Kris, and Tom all had an afghan to show off. Peter is working on an aran sweater with incredible cable work on it. Cay also had a new vest of her own design.  Cookie is making some very small bears, inspired by the Mother Bear Project.
After our rollicking gift exchange, we wandered down the street to enjoy Chinese food.

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