Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stitch 'n Pitch, SFGiants, 2010

Those who know me well (and some not as well) can tell you that I am a baseball fan, in the fanatic sense of the word. So when I have to opportunity to combine my baseball fanaticism with my passion for crochet, I always leap at the chance. I was fortunate this year to treat my dear friend Cay to this unique experience.
The San Francisco Giants version of the Stitch 'n Pitch baseball game took place on Monday, July 26 at AT&T Park. Also in attendance were Anita and Ed and Kris from the chapter. Though we did not sit together, we did touch base (pun intended) either before or during the game. With beverage of choice in hand (or course I had a devilishly delightful very dark ale) and fab sandwiches from Berkeley Bowl, we enjoyed the activities of the evening. We instantly befriended our right-hand neighbors, four sisters, who knitted. Indeed, the photo of Lou Seal (only in San Francisco -- a male mascot named Lou Seal (Lucille)) was forwarded to me by Kate, one the sisters, who drove in from Modesto.
It was a wonderful evening, diminished only slightly by the Giant's loss. Still, it was great to be among fiber artists who share my love of America's pastime.

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